Willow Creek Passport Cover

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Size - 5 1/4" H  x 4" W

Travel in style with our new passport sleeve.    Two smaller pockets for presentation cards, drivers licenses, or bank cards.

Color - "C2" Antique Saddle Brown
Leather - Full grain, natural veg tanned, hand dyed. This is TOUGH leather. It will wear well and gain character with age. It will be "stiff" the day it arrives however, with time and wear, it will soften.
100% of stitching is HAND-SEWN.

I was making a mad dash from Guatemala City to Chiquimula on the El Salvador Highway.  Just as I was clearing the traffic zones I spotted the Guatemalan Military Police up ahead.  My heart jumped into my throat.  Where had I placed my "papers"?  "Ahh, yes" - I thought.  

I pulled over to the side of the road just as the 5'4" young man, who was waiving an H&K MP5 machine gun, had directed.  He approached my car and tapped on the glass.  I rolled down the window.  The dark polarized tint kept me protected from the bright tropical sun and the prying eyes of anyone who wished to say "hello" in a less than hospitable manner.  

As soon as the window cracked enough for the short soldier to get a good look at me, he stepped back.  "Mother of god!" - he muttered.  It could have been my 6'3", 230 lb frame crammed into a car built for people of a slighter build.  I like to think he was astonished with the beauty of my White Buffalo Republic leather passport cover.  We'll never know.  

The stop went well, the young solider returned with my papers and wished me a good trip.  

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