Care Instructions



The leather used to make your bag is known as “vegetable tanned” leather. The vegetable tanning process uses natural tree barks, leaves, and mineral salts to preserve the hide. Many modern, massed produced, leather products are made from leather tanned from chromium salts. This is known as “chrome tanned” leather. Chrome tanned leather is cheaper and colorfast. Chrome tanned products are not as durable and the tanning process is harmful to the environment.  This is why you should never buy a "chrome tanned" leather bag: "CHROME TANNING KILLS"

Your vegetable tanned leather bag will not look the same in 10 years. The leather will change over time to develop its own patina. Bags that are not dyed, will darken with age. Dyed bags will fade like a good pair of jeans. Both will scratch and scuff.


In some cases, the dye and natural oils we use on the leather can rub off on some light-colored garments. Please be cautious during the first few months of use. As the item ages, the color will set and become less likely to smudge.


All White Buffalo Republic products are treated with natural oils and waxes prior to leaving our shop. This treatment is not permanent. You will need to care for your bag just as you would care for your own skin.

We use and recommend Feibings Mink Oil Paste.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Application is simple:

1.  Wipe any excess dirt or dust from the leather,

2.  Make sure your leather is warm, easiest way is to leave your leather in sunlight for about an hour,

3.  Dab the paste on a clean cotton cloth,

4.  Wipe your leather with the cloth,

5.  Allow your item to rest for a bit, wipe off any excess.

Don't worry, it won't stain or come off on your clothes.  Natural color items may darken a shade.

Cleaning is accomplished by wiping the surface with a damp cotton cloth. Less damp is always better than too damp. Allow time for the leather to dry prior to applying our cleaner/conditioner or mink oil cream to your item.


Your bag should last a lifetime. Other companies brag about disputes erupting over the inheritance of their product by the surviving generation. Avoid this tragedy by purchasing another bag for yourself or your friends and family. It is much more economical than attorneys fees.