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Simple. Rugged. Useful.

White Buffalo Republic



Afton, Wyoming - USA     Chiquimula, Guatemala - CA

Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple.” 


Our bags are handmade in Guatemala. They are simple.  They are rugged.  They are useful.  Our bags are not “Madison Avenue” or “Rodeo Drive” fashion items.

Only one of our bags will convert into a backpack.  Why?  See the quote above.  They are built to carry your “things” and priced to leave money in your pocket.  Buy our bag and real people will admire your style and your intelligence. 

Our Purpose

White Buffalo Republic was created with the purpose to provide Guatemalan craftsmen with a method to access the global market and receive more compensation for their efforts than they would selling their goods to tourists or "fair trade" cooperatives. 

 Simplicity, Usefulness, Quality, and Value       

Inspired by the “possibles bag” carried by the early Rocky Mountain adventurers and explorers, White Buffalo Republic bags are unique, simple, useful, handcrafted works of functional art.  While the modern adventurer and explorer’s tools have changed the need to have quality bag to carry the tools in has not. 

Our bags are crafted by hand in Chiquimula, Guatemala and Gulan, Guatemala. Simplicity in design and creation are demonstrated in the way we dye, cut, assemble and stitch each bag.  We use locally produced full-grain, vegetable tanned leather.  Each hide is cleaned and dyed using natural oils and waxes to produce an attractive and durable finish.  Every bag is hand stitched using the traditional double stitch method employed by saddle makers to produce an iron tough bond. 

Our philosophy and operations are based on the “old fashioned” notions of attention to detail, pride in our product, and value for our customers.  Our calling is not just to produce fine quality leather goods – we also strive to treat all with whom we deal fairly and honestly.   We believe that these traits are the marks of true craftsmen. 


Our Materials

All of our bags are made of full grain, high quality, natural veg tanned leather. While each bag will fit the standardize size specifications noted in the description, not every bag will be exactly like the model shown in the picture. Your bag will be unique. Some bags come with brand marks, evidence of insect bites, or a myriad of other marks or scars that add character. (If you find yourself bored in a board meeting, you can let your mind ponder how that scar got there.)  

The hardware on the bags is the best United States sourced stainless steel or nickel hardware available at the time. 

ATTENTION UK, CANADA and E.U. BUYERS: You will be responsible for all customs, VAT, import duties, taxes, bribes, whatever it takes to get your item into your country. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO FIND OUT WHAT IS REQUIRED TO SHIP TO YOUR COUNTRY. To use a legal term, all sales are FOB Afton, Wyoming, USA.

If you would like to know more about White Buffalo Republic, or have special requests, please send us a message. We will be happy to provide you with more information, work out a custom order, or bore you to death with my crazy rants.