Willow Creek Sunglass Eyeglass Case

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Size - 6 5/8" W x 2 3/4" H  x 1 1/8" tapered to 1 1/2" D

Tired of scratching or breaking your $300 sunglasses?  Or worse, watching your favorite pair of glasses tumble out of your bag only to land on the floor where a line of tourists, barefooted, wait to be prodded and inspected by those wonderful folks at TSA? 

Add a touch of class to your neurotic OCD behavior and store your eye wear in our Willow Creek Eyeglass Case. 

Color - "C2" Antique Saddle Brown
Leather - Full grain, natural veg tanned, hand dyed. This is TOUGH leather. It will wear well and gain character with age. It will be "stiff" the day it arrives however, with time and wear, it will soften.
100% of stitching is HAND-SEWN.